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Sex,Lust,and Money….Love is Overated!!!

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Mos Def original words were, Sex, Love, and Money. Who needs love? love is overated. He {who shall remain nameless } taught me how to love again, and took it all away. For two years, two celibate years I have had the privlege of sitting back and watching people. Today, people fall in and out of love like they change underwear monday through sunday. I’ve come to the conclusion that love is overated. This man or boy or what ever you all feel like calling him will be my example. I was told that he slept with a chick im cool with. I don’t blame her because she didn’t know about me, so she is not at fault. He wasn’t man enough to tell me the truth about the situation. Then said, “I’ll call you back.” I haven’t heard from him. Look whatI could’ve fallen in love with. Love is nothing but heartache in the making. Love is overated!!!!


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  1. Love isnt over-rated just the people are. Most people arent worth the shoes they walk in and can only feel elevated by stepping on you in them, or trying to kick with you with them. God is love, you have a person who loves God then they wont do you wrong. You cant have love without God. People who try will always fail.



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