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I woke up this morning feeling good. no class today so I decided to work on a late paper. The phone rings at 7am, it’s madre. She called to check on me, how sweet? Five minutes later the phone rings again. It’s her, I haven’t seen or spoken to her since 2001, how she got my number I don’t know. well maybe I have an idea. she and my older sister kept in touch. its funny because she used to bitch and moan bout me and “R” being together. Now she all for it , and that was years ago. She still looks the same, the twins are  big now, not her tetas her kids. Get your minds out the gutter. She still in California and she finally finished school. I’m proud of her for that. I hope her kids have a good life. I still love her but I’m not in love with her anymore. I’m still  tripping off dev. she called last night and said she missed that chic. Marie abused her, and dislocated her shoulder twice, I don’t get that shit. I think its because she is lonely and misses me, her good friend ley hehehe. one of these weekends she and I are gonna kidnap dina and supa and run up to “SG’s”


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