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This pinky shit is retarded!!

since lou wants to be super anal, and not let me finish my fucking statement. I’ll say what I need to say about this, and let motha fukkaz read it. Either way its goes, the shit is gonna be said. Late night frenchy, tempted, and pinky came into aa1. Pinky started some shit with some miscellaneous nicca. This is what I was trying to say before lou shit starting ass cut me off. After they surfaced I went to the kitchen to get something to drink, but I could still hear everything. I wasn’t at my computer when it jumped off, on my way down the hall to my office; I heard Frenchy screaming in the mic. Me and Frenchy go way back, I don’t care who the fuck it is, or what the fuck its about, no one fucks with my frenchy. thats the bottom line. The nigga that came at her had to deal with me. Pinky felt like I shouldve defended her, and called me  2 face. First off I don’t fuck with her like that and we damn sho aint chummy like that. Now, its everytime she see my s/n im 2 face. On some real live, shits annoying. Bitches need to stop crying over dumb shit. I hate need my attention wishy washy people. This battle and beef in chat shit aint for me. If its real then see me in the streets, you cant do that step the fuck off. BOTTOM LINE!!! IT IS WHAT IS.. AND THATS ALL THE FUCK IT IS……


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