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Now more then ever, the player makes himself so obvious, and today’s man EXPENDABLE! Yes, I said expendable, women are growing tired of the so called game. Women are turning the tables, dont hate the game, join it. What’s supposedly worse, the female is better then the male at the game. We’ve been labeled catty, sneaky, and scandalous. Some men drive women to that point of violence. The question is, why be violent when you can get even? Revenge is a dish best served cold. The good cook has arrived.


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  1. im glad you dont like dudes wit no game cuz I AINT GOT A LICK OF IT lol


  2. damn girl i couldn’t have said it better myself. we must let these young minded “men” know that we, as females, started the game.. so how can you teach the teacher, seriously! what’s even worse when a fellow female of theirs tries to help them with their game they STILL continue to not dig themselves a hole but a f’ing tunnel to CHINA (lol). like i said sis…

    Don’t Hate The Game.. Hate The Score!!


  3. -laughs-… bytches aint shyt…. whew…


  4. lypso thats not true and fair at all remember you messed up and you represent the male species, so what does that say?????



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