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You Don’t Know What You Want….You’ll Find Out One Day….

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So, we’re  writing blogs for the public, let me write one. I haven’t done this in a bit. So, yeah here we  go. I was involved with  this man named Tez for a bit. Peep it, he went after my sister, some of y’all know her, some don’t. But, he figured since me and her were beefing at the time. He would play the role of player. Oh so busted!!!! Well, anyway I decided I wasn’t going to be a bitch, because I liked him. So, we start talking again, and some where along the way I find out I can’t be trusted with feelings. On top of that he still hasn’t told me why. He keeps saying the same shit over and over to me different ways, pissing me the fuck off. I don’t know if he gets a different view of me, when I’m chatting. I don’t know if my font makes me look retarded or something. Maybe its because I’m flirtatious, hell I  don’t know. Clearly, he thinks I’m stupid or something. This man doesn’t realize I’ve been through this shit, and I’m not a rookie by a long shot. If I tell you, that you can come and talk to me and tell me anything; Then I mean it.  Don’t fucking  leave me in the dark looking for the light. He has issues with himself he needs to deal with, before he goes after a relationship. I’m 30 I’ve  done all this, play time is over. I don’t do silly, lame lets play this game bullshit. I’m just going to concentrate on ME, and my career. fuck everything else.


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