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scream at the top of your lungs…

i scream at the top of my lungs, because im so fustrated. Why oh why do men think its ok to play with feelings? everyone knows me; im an open book. i dont really have anything to hide. the year 2009 is coming real soon; yes ive noticed. every year i make the same resolutions. every year i some how forget them. isn’t that ironic? well here it goes. im a open book .ive got resolutions for this year, and im going to carry them out. no man is going to throw me off course. i will be graduating in the fall of 09′ if it kills me. i will be going to NLU. before its all over i will have a masters in education. im so tired of bullshit. i dont know what to do. it got smoke coming out of mi ears, like imma fucking chimney. why does every man on yahoo, think imma mean ass bitch with a frozen heart? im only mean when i need to be. im not bitter, yall niggas just get on my nerves, thats all for now


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I'm Excellent, nuff said!!!

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