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Subject: Trish, target: Friendship, Status: Obliterated….


Seriously, I’ve absolutely, positively had it up to here with people. Trish you’re such a bitch, and it’s about time I vent in your direction. I’ve been your fucking friend since 1997. I’ve tried and tried to keep this shit alive. You leave me no choice, you selfish bitch. I’ve had it up to here with your bullshit. I’m always there for you. I’ve always been there for you. This is the thanks I get for being a good friend. The attention of some miscellaneous man is more important than people who love you, including me. Hector, Mario, Michael, Chris, (little saw it off ass) Tony, and Art. That’s only to name a few dudes who could give less than two fucks about you, or your feelings. I live a few blocks away from you; you don’t come to my house. Well, only if you’re bored and it benefits you. You’re seeing this new dude, brown jr.  I bet that you end up with a used condom wrapper in your hand and a stream of tears by the end of summer. You can put money on that shit. Leaving us in the streets after last call was bogus. Who was there when you passed out in the floor drunk as hell? Who is always there when the shit goes down? I could say more but, why bother. You’re a selfish bitch. I’m not even going to tell you this friendship is over. I’ll let you figure it out for yourself dumb ass. 2009 is here people. It’s about to get real ignorant, and I’m serving bitches hot plates of fuck you. Don’t be one of those bitches.



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