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I’ve been told not to let this small thing bother me. The problem with that is, It does. To be lied upon gets under my skin. This more so than retards with false hopes of pissing me off. M_i_s_t_e_r_c_h_i, you sir are a liar. What does Leyla hate more than anything in this world? ding, ding… by George you’ve got it. I HATE LIARS!!!! True colors always prevail. I won’t repeat the current situation or shall I? I think I will. The world deserves to know what a toad you are. Long story short, this individual thought it would be cute to play. Play is excellent in certain situations. It wasn’t cute in this one. This person just had to be an ass. I can’t understand for the life of me, why. Why do some men, I wont say all. Why do you think its cute to try and play games? Well, for all of you near and far. I am the wrong female to place on the court. I ALWAYS WIN!!! Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way. He said he had supposedly been chasing me for two years. Lie number one. I can count dork face. Then he decides to deal with someone else. Which is okay with me. I am on focused on other things, like my education. I will not stop my mission for anyone. I must finish what I started. Well at this particular time he comes back to me, to see if anything had changed. It had not, and he was still with someone else. Long story short. He told her all the same things he told me. She and I spoke, she asked ?’s. I answered then honestly. Then he has the nerve to say to me. “You made me look like an asshole.” No, jack ass you did it to yourself. I just disrobed you for the world to see. The nerve of this fucking weirdo. I always had a gut feeling, always. Whoops, and then true colors come to the light. I shake my head about the whole situation. The more important part, LGO. LIFE GOES ON!!! I keep telling you fools. take this how you would like to take it. I don’t care My life is not a game of chess. If you choose to enter my world, and you fuck up. I am not responsible for my actions. Have a good day!!! “This Venting Has Been Brought To You By LOCA CHIC” Carry on!!!


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