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So, it’s 2010….

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Yeah it’s a new year. It’s time for a clean slate.  People holding grudges, and living in the past. Please erase me from your memory. thanks.  All of my ex’s please delete me from memory and your damn phones.  Stop fucking calling me. I’m not coming back. Yes, I’m still single. That don’t mean you can come back crud muffin. I don’t go back I move forward. So, yeah skidaddle .  If your my friend then be just that. If I catch you doing anything other than that, it’s good-bye. Oh, in case you haven’t noticed this year is a “ZERO TOLERANCE” year. Say cheese bitch!!!! There are so many friendships and relationships I’ve tried to save. Most people just don’t realize that good friends are hard to come by. Some people don’t realize that they had a good person in their lives. The madness is confusing, and it usually has me pissed til no end. You know that you have truly fucked up, when I just don’t give a damn about it anymore. Ahhhhhh as for men in 2010 hmmmm. There’s one kat I have mi ojos on. Hehehehe is what I’m going to say, and leave it right there. For the new people in my world, so far so good eh. Back to the basics :D, oh yeah and I’m blogging again.


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