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I truly believe ventilation keeps me from going insane. My shrink says I should get back to blogging. That is since I’m online so much. I need to find new outlet’s to control this anger. Bottling shit up is not the answer. Oooh hot damn; that sounded pretty good. Maybe I should give Psychology a try. It does interest me a lot. Anyway, it’s been a minute since I blogged. Yes, here I am again. It’s this or the psych ward. Leyla is not one for a space at Bellevue. I understand what Kerry was talking about now. He said the craziest people are in the medical field. I love kids, but I’m thinking about going into medicine. That’s Funny as hell right? Being indoors a lot more than usual is starting to get to me. I said I was going to work on a story line for my book this summer. That went up in flames. Ahhhh talk about sucky. We all know that I like to chat. Lately, it’s been gross. This part is for all the people asking me about the deal with me and Dezii. I’m sick of you all asking me about it. Read it…. In my world there is an unwritten rule. Never ever come at me sideways over a man. She did just that, the end. I keep her on ignore, simply because I’m so not for the bullshit, and I have bigger fish to fry. The dramatization of small situations doesn’t interest me. If any one of you have a problem with that. You can be just like her. IGNORED!! . With that being said, life goes on. Well I’m going to try to blog every day. Maybe this will keep me busy, and out of trouble. I’m going to watch you tube now.


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