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Good morningggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

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Alright folks good morning. The neighbors from hell woke me up more than twice last night. This drunk ass heifer sheesh. I’m so moving next year. Semester is about to start. Looking forward to my next psychology class. It’s in my area of expertise. Yes, child psychology. The only thing I hate is I have to deal with Mr. Reyes this semester. I still want to snatch that little poof ball of hair off the back of his head. On another note I need to be cheered up. I can’t wait for my BFF to get her ass back in the city. This shit feels weird without her being here. Mami called this morning, and she sounds so much better. I miss my grandmother so much. Shes in a better place. As I get older it gets a little easier to deal it with the fact that’s shes gone. It’s time for a complete overhaul of my life, AGAIN!!! I always have to re evaluate things, when big events happen in my life. With that being said. It’s time to get it cracking. I didn’t wake up early enough for my workout, so I’m going to finish deep cleaning my sanctuary I call mi casa. I gotta get it done before summer ends.


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