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It’s a damn shame…..

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Thank Jesus my parents raised me the way they did. On some real live I thank them.  The most respect goes to mami. She told me a long time ago, that some chics just aren’t your friends.  If I didn’t believe that shit then. I believe it  now more than ever. Sometimes you have situations with chics you’re cool with when you’re a teenager. Those situations occur because both parties know no better. I was wondering what kind of response I was going to get from her when I emailed her. Well not really, because I already knew. Nonchalantly she was just like alright. That’s cool too. Its shows the levels of respect females have for each other. When a man is involved females lose their damn minds. They go from supposed grown women to little girls in a heart beat. My circle of female friends is so limited it isn’t funny. I’m keeping it that way. There is a reason why I do things the way I do them. I have to keep the grass cut low, so I can see the snakes moving slowly.


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