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Good morning!

LMAO I actually have the strength to laugh now.  I have come to realization that there are some situations you can’t change. You are sadly mistaken if you think that I am or were wallowing in pity. It bothered me more because I didn’t have answers. I have tried constantly to get those answers. Since I can’t get those answers, fuck it. I’m too old for this shit.  A person who loves you so much will not take the time to tear you apart. It’s okay if some people don’t understand my point of view on the situation.  For the record I didn’t put business in the streets, and there was no foul play on my part. I just needed to understand, what the fuck happened?  Situations like this will make me stronger. Situations like this help me learn from mistakes.  The heart is a fragile organ, once you break it; it takes almost forever to put the pieces back together. The thing that pisses me off the most is the fact that a person can nonchalantly talk to you after things like this. I was madder at myself because I should’ve known better. At 33 I should’ve known better. To the other parties involved in this. First off I can only say that life will go on.  For the little girl who thinks she is a woman. You will learn one day, and you will feel the same pain I’ve felt. That’s not me being spiteful or mean. I’m just stating facts.  You reap what you sow, and what you throw out comes back to you ten fold.  Its funny “it’s not like you didn’t know” I told you from jump what it was, and why it was the way it was. I take responsibility for all of my actions. The fact that you couldn’t give me straight answers was just ridiculous.  That’s why I continued to ask you what the hell was up.  You couldn’t even talk to me and tell me.  I could give  less than a damn about what people on yahoo think.  I’m sure quite a few people got wind of the situation, and If you would rather save face that’s cool too.   You had total disregard for my feelings in this situation, and why I did things the way I did them. You want what you want when you want it. That’s not fair, but it is okay.  It’s too bad that things ended this way.  Since you wouldn’t talk to me like a normal person, you can read about it.


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