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I still dont understand

I sit and I think about certain situations. All that I’ve had the displeasure of being in lately. It made realize that every moment of my life is precious. If anyone is privileged enough to share my world they should cherish it. People have the audacity to say I’m wrong, when I turn into someone else. I give 100% in every relationship that I’m in. This includes friendships, family, and any other relationship I’m in. It hits you like a ton of bricks. You realize a lot of people aren’t like you. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to the things around me. I’m just that busy. In the last month five people fell off my radar. One of those people happened to be my brother. I still don’t get it, and I don’t understand why. Why are people like this? Why do people think its okay to rip your heart into a million pieces? Why do they think its okay for you to compromise your morals and values to benefit them? Why are people you’ve called your friends for what seems like centuries, doing you the way they do you? Mami told me a lot of things when I was a kid. When you’re a kid you don’t listen to your parents. At that time in life you think they are nuts. Everything that she has told me has come to pass. People are so callous today


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