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Female Bashing….Save it!!

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Today’s so called man has the audacity to sit here and female bash. You have the audacity to sit here and generalize, and then get mad when a woman responds. You so called men don’t want women to be equal. You want us to be your mothers and your maids. Now if a woman decides that she wants to cook for you, or do your laundry, or clean, that’s fine. Don’t sit your ass there and act like its mandatory. Talking about women aren’t shit, and women aren’t shit that. I have some questions. Who takes care of your kids? Who feeds them? Who do they see every morning? Let us talk about generalization. Who picks up the slack when you’ve decided you don’t to play daddy anymore? Who makes sure your kids are fed and clothed? Where in the hell are you when it’s time to put them down for bed? The sperm donor is off busy somewhere doing God knows what. What the hell are you doing that makes you so much better? Since you’re so worried about women not cooking, DO IT YOURSELF. Since you’re so worried about a woman not cleaning, DO IT YOURSELF. We are not your slaves, but your equals, so you all can sit down somewhere with this bullshit. I’ve had enough of listening to so called men telling me what I’m not doing. I don’t see you taking half the time to look in a mirror, at what you’re not doing. Save that bashing bullshit seriously. As soon as a female gets up to defend the female gender you all want to get mad. You can be mad I don’t give a shit. I will defend the female gender until they put me to rest. When you are man enough to look in a mirror and realize you’re not perfect, and be the man you swear you are. Then I’ll look at you differently. The female bashing bullshit needs to be brought to a screeching halt. All of the shit you don’t do or don’t want to do, we do. When you can do half of what women do, especially mothers. Then come back and talk to me. Seriously save that gender bending bullshit.


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  1. Just someone you know...

    jusleyla, i hope i didnt make you nervous with the last comment. i didnt mean to and if i did im sorry. im not a stalker and have never been one. im a secret admirer from afar. dont get nervous i dont know where you live or anything and im not trying to find out. i just had to tell you that i think about you a lot and i hope everything is good with you. maybe someday when the time is right i will let you know but for now just know that i pray for you and i genuinely wish god’s best for you.


  2. Whoever you are,I never thought that you were a stalker. I think its nice that I have an admirer. Thank you for wanting the best for me. It made me blush quite a bit though :~D


  3. Just someone you know...

    that is too funny you blushing! i could just picture that in my mind. hope you have a great day today!



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