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Written when I was young

Leylas Cream

I’ve seduced you into my wettest dream.
For all of this I know you’re a fiend.
Yes, you’d love to experience leylas cream.

Leylas cream
Leylas cream from within you must bring
Explore my body inside and out
Listen to the screams, the oohs, the ahs, and shouts

Don’t neglect to kiss the lips between my hips
Make sure there’s a waterfall before you dip

Your erotic toy into all of this joy
I’ll let you cum if you’re a good boy.

Bring all of that this way
Let’s begin with fore play
We can do this all day, every day
With that I’ll climb into your lap
Doing this, doing that as I rub upon your back
Feeling on you, touching on that

Kissing upon your lips
Searching for your tongues tip
Bringing on the sexiest kiss
Sitting and grinding on your lap
While you reach for your jimmies hat
Grinding and grinding like this
Back and forth I move my hips
Through your clothes I can feel jimmies tip
I can feel my water falls
You need to experience my sugar walls
Jimmies growing tall
I can’t wait to experience it all
You need to experience leylas cream.
My sex drive has been redeemed
For all of this I know you’re a fiend
This orgasm is just what we need
Bring it to the surface
Hmm that feeling is perfect
I’m so glad that you inserted
The experience was worth it
I knew you were a fiend
You finally got to experience leyla cream


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I'm Excellent, nuff said!!!

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