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Yesterday, I happened to be taking the greatest nap of my life. I had a filling day, and I was beyond tired. I lay down to take this great nap. I will not lie to you; I can sleep anywhere. When I was a kid my mami called me and my friends “the sleepy heads”. Most teenagers would be in the streets. My chicas and I would be knocked out in my room. I love sleep. Once again I had a peaceful, sleep interrupted by the drunk. Yes, I call her the drunk, and I mean drunk. I’m not talking about tipsy I had a few drinks. I mean she’s a functioning alcoholic. She goes to sleep and wakes up drunk, and does it all over again. The worse part of this is, she works with children. How do you pick yourself up drunk, and go into work with children? They don’t need to see you falling over smelling like a tub of old English. Furthermore what do her superiors think about her behavior? Do people really over look things of this nature? What the hell is wrong with people? The drunk likes to play loud music all times of the day. I like quiet, and I always have. I’m not the typical 33 years old. I’m not feeling like I’m old and need to party before my forties set in. This woman with this loud ass music had my floors vibrating like an 808. Who can sleep through that, or watch television let along concentrate with that on? I called the landlord to let her know what was going on. She proceeded to call this woman several times. The landlord called me and said that she wasn’t answering her phone. I said to myself okay, looks like I have to do this the hard way. I was civilized when I went down there. I knocked on the door several times. There was no answer, so I knocked again. This time l knocked louder. She didn’t answer because the music was super loud. I started banging on the door like I was the police. She finally came to the door. I POLITELY asked her to turn down the music. She said, “no and I don’t give a damn about you calling the landlord”. I had to catch myself; I was getting ready to clothes line her. I told her that she wasn’t the only person who lived in this building, and it was rude as hell. She laughed, and I could smell the alcohol on her breath. Talk about disgusting. She kept the music on loud, so I resorted to lawful antics. I called the law, in the city of Chicago it’s considered a domestic disturbance to play music that freaking loud. I sat in the window and waited for the law to arrive. Two huge white policemen showed up. I knew one of them personally; his child was one of my students. They asked me what happened, and I gave them a complete run down. With every word that came out my mouth she tried to over talk me. They told her shut up or go to jail. I finished my story. It was her turn to talk, and her drunken ass told a bunch of lies. Quick question, what does what time I come in my house have to do with a domestic disturbance? The music stopped, and I thanked the officers for their time. The one officer told me that with my help his son had progressed a lot. He said they missed me at my old school, and I should come back. We shook hands and they left. I think I handled myself rather well. Had this been five years ago, by the time the boys in blue would’ve gotten here. Bwahahahahaha I would’ve been trying to make her swallow her teeth. I think I’ve progressed myself. I’ve lived here for five years, because I’m still in school, plus I’m comfortable in this place. I don’t like to move a lot. I know this isn’t the last of the drunken toad, but it’s a remedy for now.


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  1. I think people who drink to get drunk should definitely not be allowed to work with children. Children needs the upmost attention and who wants to be around somebody that smells like a barrel of alcohol. Some people just don’t have or use their common sense. Why get drunk and have to work the very next day. If you’re going to drink alcohol, do it on the weekend not on a work day. Yeah, what is wrong with people. And to my girl, Loca…you are a very good writer keep up the good work



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