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Okay so summer has presented itself out of nowhere. One moment it’s cold, and the next its ninety degrees. I love what summer entails; I just hate the weather. Yes, I hate summer with passion. Summer is butt naked in the house with slippers on weather for me. Well I’ve noticed that this summer there’s a water fall of men around me. Now, I’m just curious, and would like someone to comment, someone of the male species por favor. I have a few questions.

  1. Are you all in heat, and just looking for some late night ass?
  2. Did your girlfriend dump you and you’re on the rebound?
  3. Did you dump her because you got tired of fucking the same pussy every night?
  4. Do you not want a girlfriend at all?
  5. Do you just want to be a piece of meat?
  6. What is it about the no strings attached fuck buddy thing you all like so much?
  7. Do you all think of anything other than the obvious?

I’m just asking because quite a few men have me confused. I’m not one of these trampella whores without morals or values.  I’m sorry you’ve picked the wrong female. The attention is flattering at times, but you all can’t be serious. I would guess that’s the other thing I hate about summer. People act like their vultures. NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!


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  1. Let me challenge you a little bit…what would you do if the man who thought the way you like were to show up in your life right now? That’s a question that only you can answer, inside… the only thing I can say is this…don’t get so wrapped up in the destination…that you forget to enjoy the journey…


  2. Lol I’ll be ready for a man in a little bit. It would be interesting if he showed up out of no where though. I wont be wrapped in the destination. I just get curious from time to time. When I’m ready for Mr. man I’ll be sure to have fun on that journey.



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