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Why bother saying anything if your not going to do what you said you would? just shut the fuck up.

Why try  and screw me over and sabotage my efforts of being a normal person every chance you get?

Why does every year in July have to be a complete disaster? I hate my fucking birthday.

Why doe you always have to make my day about you?

Why do you always say it isn’t all about me? Like it ever fucking was.

Why pretend like you care and you really don’t? Don’t feel like you’re obligated to care about me because you gave birth to me.

Why don’t you just cut ties already? I have more than once and you just keep coming back.

Why punish yourself?

Why do you want to hold me up or sabotage me every time I try accomplishing a new goal in my life? Whats the fucking point?

Just leave me the hell alone!


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I'm Excellent, nuff said!!!

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