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I know that you all must think that I’ve fallen off the planet. Believe me when I say that is not the case. I’m pursuing another degree right now, and the work is grueling. Psychology is one complicated field of study, but I love it. After that I have a couple of master degrees I’d like to pursue, but that will be put on hold until I come back from my vacation. Yes, I’m taking a vacation right after I’m done with this degree. Then I have two novels in the works. I don’t know if he knows or not, but Mr. Revere is the inspiration for “Pandora’s Box.” That’s the second novel though. I’ve got the first chapter for “Pandora’s Box” up. Pandora’s Box is a series of interesting dreams I’ve been having as of late. I’m four chapters into the novel that doesn’t have a title yet. The person who is the inspiration for that novel will be named after it has been published. I am a busy bee, and being a busy bee keeps me out of all kinds of trouble. Thats my update for now.


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