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Its 2:05 in the AM I’m still up. I’ve done this every year since I’ve had this blog. I think that has been since 2007. Writing is still my thing and that will never ever change. Yes, the books are still coming. My education comes first. I HAVE to get that done. There are no ifs, and, buts about that. I’ll write in my spare time, but I plan to blog more, so look for more of that.  2012 is coming, and again I’m serving hot plates of SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! I figured by now a lot of things would be different. That was my mistake. Oh and let’s not forget the “We Hate Leyla Campaign.” I’ve had quite a few people join this year. Here’s what I have to say to that. In case your vision is fucked up, and you can’t read at the moment. Maybe someone will read this to you.  NOTHING YOU SAY OR DO WILL CHANGE ME OR ANYTHING ABOUT ME, IAM WHO IAM. I’ll say that until your ears bleed or your vision is blurred. This method of nonsense has gotten old. You all need a new way to hate me. Oh yeah, that still won’t change me. I’ve been through so much in this life. Your BS and Extras are the least of my worries. You can save your breath. The people that have access to me, I’m sure you will find me.  There are a few ways to get in touch. Use those methods of communication and it won’t be hard to contact me. New Year…Yep! Same old same old….. No! Not this time. The mission is to refocus my energy into other things. Education, Literature, and music have my name written all over it. Enjoy the New Year!                               L.O. xoxoxo


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I'm Excellent, nuff said!!!

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