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Boy is full of shit….

Boy likes girl. Boy woos girl and finally girl kind of likes boy back. They begin to talk, and he wants her to stop whatever she’s doing in her life for him. I must ask the question. What the fuck is that about???? Since girl can’t and won’t stop her life to do whatever it is boy wants, boy starts acting funny and ignoring girl. Girl ask boy what the issue is. Boy still doesn’t reply. Talk about rude as hell. And then it goes like this. Boy goes and gets another girl, but he isn’t man enough to tell the first girl. If that isn’t some juvenile shit. I don’t know what is. Girl has a niceeeee inbox conversation with the other girl boy wasn’t man enough to talk about. That was some sucker shit, but its okay though because girl doesn’t put all her eggs in one basket. Girl goes on with her life. The End!


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