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Oh what a journey it was moving. This the third apartment and the last. Here’s to quiet neighbors that have normal hours and live normal lives. Yeahhhhh!!! The first apartment was fan – freaking – tastic. That was until I left to go to Walmart for a shower curtain and other things. I then returned four hours later, and my appliances had been stolen. The real estate office was closed on the weekends. I was hoping that maintenance came and was going to switch them out. Hope went right out the freaking window the morning when I got a call from the property manager. Good old Jeff told me that he didn’t put in a order for new appliances. Needless to say I moved out the same day and requested a refund. They tried to show me another unit. I politely declined. Then Jeff said that I may have left the door unlocked. That’s when the south Chicago came out of me. “Listen you little twit, It’s a dead bolt lock, and it had to be pulled to lock.Someone else has keys to this place. Why in the blue hell would I, a grown woman not make sure my door was locked?  Don’t do that Jeff, it’s so not sexy.” His eyes got as big as saucers. I guess he wasn’t expecting that, and he told the zone manager, she looks so nice. I smiled as I returned their keys and waited for my refund. The second apartment was great until my lungs started bugging out, and I woke up choking. There was no hesitation or question. I’m asthmatic, and I don’t play with my lungs. Got my refund and bounced as fast as I could. Here I am in apartment number three. No one to steal my appliances, and I can breathe. The funny thing about this place is its exactly two blocks from where I used to live with the same address. Now that is interesting.


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