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I am what you would call a gadget junky. I recently purchased a fitbit. I love this thing. It tracks your steps, as they say you should get at least 10,000 steps a day. It tracks your calories burned, the flights of stairs you climb, sleep, and miles. Some of the reviews say that the steps that you log are not accurate, but that’s because they are usually comparing this gadget to other gadgets. Most of them cost an arm, leg, and some toes. For $99.99 I’m okay with that. This little gadget motivates me quite a bit. I just love it. I purchased mine at mine at Target, but I am seeing them everywhere now. Once you have one you will love it

The gadget:

It’s kind of small, and you clip it onto your clothes. They recommend that women clip this gadget to their bra straps. It’s also recommended that you clip this little gadget to the pocket of your pants.

Inside the box:

The fitbit

The shell/clip

The wristband: You wear this at night, clip your fit to it, and track your sleep

The usual sync cord, and a chip for wireless sync to your computer


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