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This is day 2 of a 3 day juice fast. I’m thinking I may go to 5 days. That’s a huge maybe though. Hunger is a son of a bitch. Lol. To be honest just having juice is kind of filling. My health has been a bit insane these last couple of years. I’ve decided to incorporate healthier things, and just maybe I won’t be sick all the damn time. I’ve learned a lot about  food. I don’t know about anyone else, but I understand why they tell you to buy certain  vegetables organic. We all know that going completely organic is super expensive. Right after I said that, I could hear Gwen Stefani singing if I was a rich girl. Anyway, there are ways around the dirty dozen. The dirty dozen is what they call the vegetables and fruit with the most pesticides.  I’ve always washed my fruit and veggies, but I had no clue about the pesticides and what’s really on them, until I started watching documentaries. The first documentary I watched was Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. Which is what lead to everything I know now. Joe Cross is the person who  got me interested in “The Reboot”.


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