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The Damn Word Sorry….

Throughout my life I have heard the worry sorry more often than not. I’ve heard it so much; now when people say it to me, I don’t even react. It’s kind of like some weird paralysis. I stand there or I sit there for a few moments, and then it’s back to whatever I was doing. I heard the word sorry again today. If you have not caught on by now, I’m tired of hearing the damn word sorry. This time I had to go and look up the formal definition. 



I do have questions about this word.  

What does this word really mean???

Is this your excuse for  whatever it is that you did???

What does this word mean to you, for you to need to say it more often than not???

Do you ever get tired of using the word sorry???

Is it your go to word because you are lazy and don’t want to give a real explanation???

Will I ever stop hearing this damn word???

Why do you continue to do things that will have you saying sorry in the end???

Will you be a sorry mother fucker saying sorry for the rest of your whole existence?


Well. Today I learned that I loathe this word with passion. I know what will happen the next time I hear it again. To those of you that know and love me, I ask for your forgiveness in advance. The next time I hear the word sorry, whoever says it to me will get cursed the fuck out. It’ll be like I have Tourette syndrome. For a whole 15 – 20 minutes you are going to hear it.  Yes, this was a warning. Okay back to your regularly scheduled program.





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