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The IB Freeman Show, and the Child that Runs It….

I don’t know why people think if they make threats that you will comply with their demands.  The group was interesting. I will give you that, but to tell me I will remove you; if you don’t send me a Facebook request. Fool, have you lost your damn mind??? You tried to add me like 5 times, and I didn’t approve the damn request. That was the hint. Did I need to say it in plain English or translate it into Spanish?? Fool, I don’t want you on my page, if I had wanted you on my page I would have added you.

Here’s why I didn’t add you. You like fuckery and starting shit. I’m not the one for the extras. Your group was a drama group with some interesting people, and some interesting topics. I don’t have time for you to come on my page trying to find shit, so you can go and talk shit about me. I’m a grown up, and I act like one. You on the other hand are a bit childish. Threaten someone because they wouldn’t add you to Facebook. Are you serious? Is it really that serious? Okay! Well I’m sure someone from the inside will read this, and run back and tell you about it. You enjoy your little group, and life will go on. Adios chico!

P.S. I don’t take too kindly to threats, and these days promises are made to be broken.


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