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The Double Standards of *Some* Men….

The double standards of *some* men: If she argues with him, she’s looking for a fight; but if she’s quiet, he’ll say she doesn’t care. If she calls him, she’s too clingy; but if he calls her, she should drop what she’s doing and be happy he called at all. If she doesn’t love him, he’ll try to win her; but when she does love him, he’ll take her for granted. If she doesn’t sleep with him in the first few dates, she’s a tease; but if she does, she’s a slut. If she tells him her problems, he’ll tell her to stop bitching about everything; but if she doesn’t, he’ll say she doesn’t trust him. If she offers him advice, she’s a nag or a know-it-all; but if he offers her advice, it’s because “he cares”. If she breaks a promise, he’ll never trust her again; but if he breaks one, it’s because he had no choice and she needs to be more understanding. If she cheats, it’s over; but if he cheats, it was just a mistake and she has to give him another chance. Guys: Is it so hard to just meet the woman you love halfway?

Disclaimer: I am not the original author, but this must be shared with the masses.



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