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I Love/Hate This Time of Year in Chicago….



Fall is here; there are so many reasons for me to love this time of year. First and foremost, football season has returned. I’m from Chicago;  you know who my favorite team is; go Bears. If you are from Chicago and you don’t support the Bears. Shame on you! Lol I love the black hawks too. My best friend is more of a hockey fan than I am. I still love them though. I love the cool and cold weather. I love the snow.  I love the wind too. I love wearing hoodies, sweaters, hats, and boots. I love drinking hot java or cocoa on really cold days. I know it may sound like something out of a book, but this is how I feel about this time of year. I just love it. Maybe it’s because I was born and bred here. I have been here for 36 years, which is all of my life.

There are things I hate about this time of year in Chicago. I hate having to creepy crawler proof my apartment.  I have to proof against spiders, ants, and any other creepy crawler that feels the need to invade my domain. Women come out in those ugly ugg boots in droves. Women come out with those boots with the tassels and ball hanging off. It makes them look like walking toys for cats. A blizzard hits and we get two to four feet of snow. I am only 5’1 in height, so you could imagine if I fell in the snow and no one was around. I’d probably be lost until the snow melted. Being snowed in and having to wait for the lazy city workers to come and plow the snow. I could probably go on and on, but I won’t. Even with all of that madness, I still love my city.

Sweet Home Chicago!!!




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