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Chicago police mum on report of arrest in park shooting spree

Thank God that they are at least moving forward with trying to catch these people. Chicago was once a beautiful place. I would like it to be that way again. This doesn’t change the love I have for Chicago.


The Chicago Tribune is reporting that two men are now in custody in connection with last week’s mass shooting at a South Side park.

The newspaper cites a police report, but police officials are not confirming it.

Deonta’ Howard, 3,  was among 13 people wounded when gunshots were fired into a crowd watching a basketball game at Cornell Square Park, 51st and Wood.

He’s recovering after surgery, and a family spokesman says he suffered no brain damage after being shot in the head.

According to the Tribune,. the police report states the suspects were arrested Sunday night in an abandoned building in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.

Investigators have said the shooting was gang-related.

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  1. What is the matter with the world today that our love affair with guns means they have to be tested on random people passing by or on classrooms full of children.? During WWII peoples metal fences and gates were removed to make weapons, maybe it’s time we gathered all the weapons and turned them into fences and gates again.
    xx Hugs xx


    • That would certainly be best. Apparently, the weapons that were used in the last shooting were weapons that were high powered. My question is who in the blue hell is supplying thugs in Chicago with these weapons??? I wish we could to go to steel gates and fences. That would be a huge relief for me and the rest of the city.



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