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The Natural Exterminator….


I have become the natural exterminator. For some strange reason when fall comes these little critters want to come inside to get away from the weather. I have waged a war against spiders, ants, and any other insects I find crawling around my home. This is my space and they will not send me running and screaming. I’m not sure if you remember my last post about the spider.

I affectionately named the huge spider that made his home outside my kitchen window Rahm. Rahm is the asshole mayor of Chicago, so the name was perfect. Guess what happened to Rahm??? My loving landlord came and killed him for me. After Rahm died I thought I was home free, until  I went in my kitchen and noticed a trail of ants. They were walking from the window to one of my cabinets. That’s just freaking great.

Harsh chemicals are out of the question.  There are three reasons I just can’t use the harsh chemicals. One is my lungs are sensitive. I have bronchitis and asthma, great combo right? No! Secondly, I detest emergency rooms with a passion. They have you sitting there for hours on end. Doctors and their annoying interns take your blood pressure constantly, and extract blood like you’re giving a donation. The third reason is my baby brother doesn’t live in Chicago anymore. He does everything for his big sister. If I have computer issues, he’s the techie. The last apartment had some issues with insects. My baby brother was the exterminator. I love that man; he does just about everything for me. These are the reasons I will not be fooling with harsh chemicals.

I said that there were three reasons. There is an addition to the second reason. I tried to bomb this place for ants once. This is where the trip to the hospital comes in. I will not be doing any of that again. The last time I went to that hospital I almost strangled one of Doctor Iqbals’ interns.  If you are a medical intern and you happen to read my blog; I apologize in advance. Some medical interns at some hospitals here in Chicago are just freaking annoying. Again, I am sorry in advance,

This is where the journey for natural pesticides and insecticides begins. I love to research things. I’m a nerd; it’s one of my hobbies. Don’t judge me. Feel free to giggle or laugh at this point. I found a few of those home blogs on wordpress, and other sites. Let me tell you what I have tried so far. 

One woman suggested cinnamon sticks to keep the ants at bay. I put those things in the window trays and in the cabinets where the ants were doing their march. I haven’t seen any progress just yet. Those little critters are in the bathroom and the kitchen. I feel itchy just thinking about them. The ants are nothing compared to Rahm the spider.

One day a  man behind me in the grocery store heard me talking about Rahm the spider. I was telling the cashier how I was freaked out that this life size spider had chosen the outside of my kitchen window for shelter. This gentleman chimes in and tells me about vinegar and coconut oil.  I feel like he was a life saver. I have not tried this just yet, but he says it keeps the spiders out of the house. I will be trying it soon, and I will have to post an update on that. One thing I did discover that kills the ants on contact, is a mixture of rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and water. I’m looking at the essential oils.  I heard that you can keep them out of the house with essential oils. The first one I’m going to experiment with is peppermint oil. I’ll post an update soon. Wish me luck. 

I have become the natural exterminator and I don’t like it. 


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