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Unnecessary Things Said to Me….

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Why do people say unnecessary things to me??? I have had unnecessary crap said to me all this week. Seriously, do you all think that it’s cute? Well it’s not and irritates the hell out of me. This is one of the main reasons I keep to myself. I don’t really have a filter, but I don’t go around saying unnecessary things to people.

I have found myself asking these questions a lot this week. Was that really necessary?? Did he or she really have to say that to me?? Oh yeah, and when the aftermath of said person who opened their mouth comes, I’m told I’m being hostile and taking things too seriously.

Wait! Gasp! I think this anger management thing is working. Why?  I’m venting on a blog instead of taking a baseball bat to some ones cranium. How about fuck you and your ignorant ass comments? You see how that works.  No one gets hurt, and I’m still in compliance with Illinois state laws.

A man is sending mixed signals in my direction, but the minute I ask what’s up, this fool has the gas face.

Him: I want you to move here, blah, blah, blah, and yadda, yadda, yadda.

Me: Why would I pick up my life, and leave my family and friends to move to where you are??? You can’t even give me a straight answer for that. You are confused as all hell. Why would I want to participate in your nonsense??

You penis wavers keep me laughing and smiling. I could never be sad with all the bullshit I’m told on a daily basis. It’s pure comedy.

Him: Leyla I really, really like you. <== The next breath is, I could have married this one or that one.

Really? Eh! How about that’s a complete turn off?

Me: Silently….Like WTF! ==> See following statement.

Status: Leyla Remains Single

Why? Aint nobody got time for that!

I need to write a book about what not to say to women you supposedly like.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Unnecessary Bullshit!!!!

Oh this last one was a doozy. Bwahahahahaha You thought that was cute huh? Well it wasn’t you penis waving asshole.

Me: I have had baby fever for about a year now

Him: Too late your stuff is all dried cracked and cob webbed

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Unnecessary Bullshit!!!

Was any of the nonsense above needed??? I’ll wait.

Five minutes go by….. => Crickets!

Another five minutes go by…. => Still nothing!

Nope!!! None of that unnecessary bullshit needed to be said to me.

Oh yeah! Fuck you and your ignorant ass comments!!

Wait! Fuck you! Fuck your eye with a steak knife!!

In my T.I. Voice: You better watch what you say to me.

Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for what I say to you, after you open your mouth with ignorance!!!!!

To my readers: I apologize for the vulgar language. I just needed to vent. Apparently people are in the business of pissing me off this week, and I don’t like it at all.


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  1. gurl!!! LMAO I so LOVED this…hang in there baby. Yes and penis wavers piss me off too…no pun intended

    I LOVE YOU!!!



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