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Academic Pet Peeves….

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It has been an interesting morning so far. I was shocked out of sleep by my elderly neighbors doing it. They take the phrase “fuck like rabbits” to a whole other level. Oh my God. My sleep in Saturday went right out the window. The crankiness crept right in. Oh and then I’m in an extra boring class about creativity.  Fuck Electives! I have classmates who mistake kindness for weakness. That’s not good.

What have I done to deserve this?

I was put into a three person group. Two of us have been working on a project for three weeks now. The third person chimes in after three weeks expecting me to bring her up to speed. I love it when they encounter me for the first time after some bullshit like this.

This trampella can stay clueless. Why?

Pet peeves when It comes to anything related to anything academic.

  1. Starting projects late because some idiot who was supposed to be there since day one is missing in action. (I’m so over this waiting shit. Next go around I’m starting without the missing idiot.)
  2. Thinking that I’m going to bring you up to speed because you decided to show up when you felt like it.  (I post the backup notes for a damn reason, so unless you can’t read, you had better go bring yourself up to speed.)
  3. Thinking you are going to take advantage of anything that I contributed to a group project. (Trying to take advantage of me is like a cat forgetting how and where to go potty. It just doesn’t happen. Try me and I’ll piss all over you and your carpet.)  
  4. Thinking you are going to ride my GPA. ( Insert evil laugh! I haven’t carried ANYONE my whole entire academic career. There is no way in hell I’m going to start now.  
  5. Stealing my ideas and thinking I won’t notice.  (I will make you wish you never met me. I don’t take kindly to being plagiarized. I will eat you and your GPA alive.)  

If you like school and you want to remain in school. Don’t try me!!! I’m not usually an individual who likes to give warnings to people I’m just not close to, or really don’t know. I’m extending the olive branch. You had better take it. 

On this Saturday morning I am a little bit irritated and annoyed. Unfortunately, I have experienced this quite a bit, and it’s really starting to take its toll on me. I’m about to shift into a very mean individual. 

This is Leyla venting AGAIN!!!! 


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