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Happy Anniversary to Me….

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Today, October 25, 2013 is my eight year anniversary for my vow of celibacy. Some would say I shouldn’t be excited about this day, but I am. As you all know, if you know me, then you know I don’t give a damn about the opinion of others. I don’t know about others, but I know all about me. I love sex as much as the next person, but for me there are more important things.

I’m sure everyone is wondering why this vow started in the first place. A male who shall remain nameless is why the vow started in the first place. It’s funny because I thought to myself after we parted ways, I’ll have myself a healthy break before I pursue anything. The last man left a bad taste in my mouth, and no not literally.


2005 was the year I decided to refocus and throw myself into other things. This is when my academic career started. I say career because I didn’t finish my first degree until 2010.  Unfortunately, I had to take a break for health reasons. My lungs aren’t the greatest. I finished that degree in 2010. I finish my bachelor degree at the end of this year in December.

Before I knew it five years had already gone by. I think that most women would agree with me when I say, some of these men play too much. Who has the time or the time or the patience, to play juvenile games with supposed grown men??? I continued to stay celibate, but trust me when I tell you, this was not easy.

I had to develop plans and strategies. Everyone that knows me knows I have a preference for sexy chocolate men. A sexy good smelling chocolate man will get you into all kinds of trouble. All I can say is good Lord. It seems that every time I turned around one of them was there. A sexy good smelling chocolate man was trying to get me. It’s still hard to resist these beautiful creatures. They are every freaking where. I have not given in to temptation. YET! Lol

How much longer will this last??? I’m really not sure, but it’s a good day for me.

Happy Anniversary to me!!!!


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