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New Years….

The New Year is upon us. I’m not making any bullshit resolutions. People jump up every year with the same business. Oh it’s a new year, and it’s a new me. No, you’re the same person from last year with some goals you want to achieve. Last year was a transition year, and this is year is a transition year. I’m still in the middle of getting my life together. I have a four year window. Yeah, I said a four year window. Well soon that will be a 3 year window. I have until I’m forty to get everything I need to done. After that, there is a cruise and a tropical drink somewhere with my name all over it. Personally, I would prefer to spend some time in Puerto Rico! Wepaaaaaaaaa!!! Lol

 Some of the people in my life have totally changed on me. That means dead weight division has returned, and some folks have to exit. If these people don’t hear from me in the New Year, It just means they have been excommunicated. I have no time for part time people in my full time life. (insert smile)

For that one individual that is probably mad at me and hates my guts. You know who you are. It’s not personal. I just have things that I need to do, and not so much time do them. I miss you and your little brown face (insert smile). In case we never speak again. I love you. I hope that you have an excellent new year.

The middle is a very difficult place to be. Some people understand what I’m talking about, and others don’t, and that is okay. I have to finish doing what I have to.  If people don’t understand, excuse my French, but fuck them.

Happy New Year Folks!  


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