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Justification for cheating….

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I just don’t understand it. People floating around on clouds of bullshit, trying to justify adulterous behavior. Unfortunately, it’s mainly the male population with these bullshit theories.

Whats with the deflection business? Why do you all deflect and redirect when you all are being asked legit questions?

I said people who feel the need to cheat shouldn’t bother with relationships. Here come the penis wavers with their boxers in a bunch, acting like I’m wrong for stating the obvious.

If you are an individual who cant be faithful, then just remain single. Do you see how I did that? That statement didn’t mention either gender,  but it implies that I’m speaking to both.

You won’t be able to say Leyla is just a man hating feminist today; I’m talking to everyone.

There is nothing anyone can say to me to justify that mess.

My parents hated each other by the time I was a teenager, and it was obvious. When they discovered things just weren’t working after 21 years they parted ways. There was no cheating or adultery. It can be done.

This is what you do, if you know that the relationship isn’t working. This is not rocket science. Why cheat, leave a person in heart ache, and ruin them for the next person?

This is one of the reasons happy healthy relationships don’t exist anymore. People get their feelings hurt and cheated on. Then they begin to have trust issues, which makes them a train wreck for the next person. This is all because someone couldn’t remain faithful or just leave.

The funniest one I’ve heard to date is a person being pushed to cheat. All I could do was laugh. Are you kidding me?? That’s a joke with no punchline.

No one drives you to cheat. That is a choice that you make.

There was one that really gave me a good belly laugh.

She knows which button to push. I have heard some mess over the years, but those two had me in tears with laughter.

One male even deflected to, females cheat and dont get caught because they are smart about it. Really?

Well some of you males go out and have other families before a female figures out you are cheating. You all can pause with all of that nonsense.

I don’t care what you say, or how you put it. There is no justification for cheating.

If your relationship is not working,  don’t be a prick and cheat.  Just leave.


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