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Tired of reading how do you keep a man happy? Women exist too!

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I’m tired of reading this “How do you keep a man happy?” mess every time I turn around. I never ever see “How do you keep a woman happy?” Everything in this world is not about the male and his phallus. If I hear this is a man’s world one more time, I’m going to scream. How did these men get here?? Hmm, let me tell you. A woman brought them here. Yes! A woman gave birth to the male, who walks around like women have no part in him being here, or that women exist. Where would the male be without the female is a better question?

You can call me a feminist for this blog if you like, but I DO NOT hate men. I would love for them to see the error in their ways though, and realize that everything is not always about them.

Some may ask what brought this on. I woke up this morning, made myself an omelet and some coffee. I turned on my laptop for a day of writing and Netflix, but not in that order. I checked my email, returned a few emails, and logged into Facebook. I went to be nosey in a group that I had left before. For some reason I was invited back. Go figure, but anyway I’m reading all this crap. To keep a man you have to do this or that. Blah, blah, and yadda, yadda.  Since I have been back in this group I have not seen or read the opposite.

“How do you keep a woman happy?”

The individual that posted this went straight into what I like to call deflection. I asked him when he was going to post something about keeping the woman happy. Then the deflection began, the word of the day is deflection.

The male species has mastered the art of deflection. They have also mastered the art of answer a question with a question.  The first thing he says to me is, do you know how to keep yourself happy? I do, but this argument wasn’t about that. Deflection, deflection, and deflection, that’s all that I got from this male.

I had to remove myself from the conversation. I wasn’t getting anywhere, and he was wasting my precious time.  He wasn’t answering any of my questions. I guess he thought he would just put that crap up there, and people wouldn’t respond.

When will these chauvinistic males be able to answer the question, with legit logical answers?

People tend to joke and laugh when this question is asked.  

How do you keep a woman happy?

Like I said before, everything is not always about the male and his phallus.

Women exist too!


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  1. Good for you! Well said…Wishing us Happy New year.


  2. You are obviously reading the wrong tags. Try “Feminist and feminism” for all the man hate. No “how do I make a man happy” posts there…


  3. Sorry, for the snappy antics. It’s been a rough morning. Lol at read the feminist tags.



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