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It’s 2014 and some of these men are still playing games like their in high school. I’ve heard about this madness so much lately it makes me nauseous. My stomach does a mean salsa dance when I’m nauseous.

Say what you mean and mean what you say. Any thing else makes you look stupid.

If you are a man who has agreed to an open relationship, you can’t be upset if a woman decides to see someone else while seeing you. That is something you agreed to, remember.

Women will no longer sit around twiddling their thumbs, while you go out and do whatever you feel like doing.

Now a days women just move on. Who has the time or the patience for this madness?

Oh wait, you are a man who is not use to a woman deciding to go out and do what you do.

While you were running up and down the field, another player was introduced to the game.

You can’t be mad because you were playing a different game. You were not answering calls or text, and coming around when you felt like it.

What did you think she was going to sit around twiddling her thumbs, waiting on your next move?

I’m sorry gentlemen ladies will not be doing any of that in this day and age.

You want to play games, and then get upset over something you agreed to. Go ahead, have your tantrum, play games, and act like a teenager in highschool.

Remember there is another player on the field and the game has definitely changed.


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