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The mother of his children ask him if he wants joint custody of his children.

He responds with no that would be too much responsibility. He would rather just pay child support.

I thought to myself, that is extremely selfish. How will his children feel if they ever found out how he really felt? Children don’t comprehend things like adults do.

Even if he meant no harm, they won’t see it that way.

After thinking about it for a while, it upset me. This man is worried about too much responsibility, but he wasn’t thinking about that when he laid down and made them.

Once a child is brought into the world, it’s no longer about the parents. I really need people who decide to have children to understand that.

Children need their fathers to play an active role in their lives. Just paying child support and seeing your child a couple of weekends a month isn’t enough.

Hearing things like this just makes appreciate my father that  much more. I grew up with him in my life

I woke up every morning and he was there. I would sit on the steps every day after school and wait for my father to come home from work. He came home every day. He played a vrry active role in my life.

He was there for every event. He witnessed my first steps across the living room floor, and every event after.

I guess thats why I’m a daddy’s girl.

Children need their fathers in their lives.


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  1. Amen…another reason I Love my VSF so much…he is a WONDERFUL father



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