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This topic has come up more than once. I think it’s time that I address it.

Disclaimer: This blog is not about “ALL” baby mamas, because not all baby mamas are the same.

I have heard some insane stories, and I have also had some insane experiences.

Here is the bottom line. You will never be able to compete with the mother of his children.

I don’t care what type of relationship you have with him. There is no competition.  She will always come first in everything. Yes, you will have to share him, not only with his children, but their mother.

You may luck out and get one of the good ones, and then you could be so unlucky, and get the baby mama from hell.

The baby mama from hell would rather see him miserable and alone, even if she is with someone else.

You and your beau will not have many peaceful days. She’ll be there to interfere with your happiness and everything in between.

If you decide to be with a man who has children, there’s a chance you will have deal with this.



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