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Dunkin Donuts in South Chicago….

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This place has become another place for me to boycott. It’s 2014 and people are still on this racist bullshit. I met with a friend yesterday that’s been having hard time in life. I’ve been trying to help her with some stuff, including getting enrolled in school. She needs to get an education. She has two kids and working dead end jobs just isn’t going to cut it. Anyway, we walk into Dunkin Donuts, and I purchase us coffee and donuts. While waiting for coffee we were discussing her looking for a second job and where she should look. The cashier is an Indian lady and she is usually nice. Sometimes I don’t pay attention to things, and I just keep it moving. We got our coffee and went to sit down. As we sat down my friend was telling me she had tried to apply at the coffee shop once before, to no avail. She said she wouldn’t give her an application, which was a long time ago. I had been coming in the place since they opened a few years ago. After what happened they won’t be getting any more of my money. A Mexican girl walked into the place and ordered some coffee. We sat there and watched this go down. While this girl was waiting for her coffee she asked for an application, and the Indian lady didn’t hesitate to give her one. The girl got her coffee and sat down to fill it out. Immediately my friend tapped my hand and told me that this was a race thing. I said to her, she gave her an application, you should go and ask for one. I wanted to see what would happen this time around, since she had asked a long time ago. She went up there and asked for an application. That lady told her she had to go down town somewhere to fill out an application. She didn’t hesitate when the Mexican girl asked for an application. It was a race thing alright.  What this told me is if you’re are Mexican or light and damn white. My friend and I have dark skin.

I guess they just think people are stupid too. Dunkin Donuts is a franchise, and this means they have individual owners. If she wanted to give my friend an application she could have. The Mexican girl finished filling out her application and handed it to her. She told the Mexican girl she would give her application to her boss immediately. Finally she noticed we were still sitting there watching everything. This broad tried to offer us coupons to make up for the bullshit she had just pulled. Coupons? Really? This particular Dunkin Donuts, just like the restaurant Coculas’ in South Chicago will not be getting any more of my money. The story behind Coculas’ is coming soon.


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