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Coculas Boycott….

I love Latin food just as much as the next person. Oh by the way I hate the word Hispanic. There’s a long story behind that, but I’ll tell it another day. Let me just say I’ve been eating at this place since I was a kid.

On this day I felt like they were trying to kill me. I was tired and I didn’t feel like cooking. I stopped at this place for my last meal of the day. I ordered a breakfast dish I’ve ordered there for almost 20 years. When you first arrive they give you nacho chips and salsa, and
that was cool.

I ate some atesome of dinner and ate a few more of the chips. I started having a reaction I had never had before, and all of a sudden I couldn’t swallow. I went to pay for my meal. I kept asking the chef what oil they cooked the chips in. He wouldn’t answer. He was more worried about me paying for my meal.

It’s not like I was trying to get out of it. I just wanted to know in case I had to call emergency. I had no epipen. I learned my lesson about that too. I ended up calling emergency, and had a two day stay at Advocate. This is a place I decided to boycott before the Dunkin Donuts fiasco.


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