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Teen finds Chicken Organ in KFC, Just Wants his $4 Back

This is why I don’t really mess with the fast food like that. Ewww.



A Stockton teen finds what he believes is a chicken’s brain in his fast food meal. That teen says he tweeted at KFC in early February for a resolution and says all he wants is his lunch money back.

When you’re a high school student and on a budget, sometimes the only meal that works is fast food. “Just because I do eat there often so I mean coming across something like that is just like wow,” Manuel Cobarubies, a Stockton High School student told FOX40 on Monday.

[ooyala code=”N5dTg5czqsJR0PZki-U6U8Ehrn5kd99Z” player_id=”e94d1153704449a897d545a2af16e53c”]Cobarubies said he usually stops at KFC on Martin Luther King Boulevard in Stockton. But his $4 set him back more than what he bargained for, “(It looked) like a brain to me. I mean at that point, red flags were kind of raised,” the teen told us.

He explained he found what looked like a brain alongside his…

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