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I need a place to vent, and I think my blog is the perfect place for that. I am a psychology student. Right now I am in a class where we are learning about the theory of learning.  Throughout this academic journey, I have learned the other students are not as enthusiastic about learning as I am. For the most part in each of the classes in this program we have to do a lot of research. In this program students in groups are waiting for other students in their group to do research, so they can sponge off the research. Why is it so hard for people to do their own research? Why are people so lazy in their academic studies? Is it really that hard to use their own brain to find their own literature to use in their assignments? Unfortunately, with the classes in this program you have a group component.  Since this program started, in every class there are lazy people. These are people that are supposed to be earning a masters degree. I don’t understand these people are so lazy. There’s only one other person in this program that works as hard as I do. I thank the high heavens for my research partner. Whenever we are not working together I am deeply saddened. The situation with the lazy people is driving me bananas. More often than not I think I will come to my blog so that I can vent. One of the lazy people who shall remain nameless called me passive aggressive. All that I could do was laugh and tell her she couldn’t be serious. I ask each and every person in our group that has too many people. I believe our professor is a rookie and she didn’t know what she was doing when she put these groups together. I ask each and every person to do their own research. This person is acting as if I asked her to donate blood in a peculiar way. The nerve of this woman. I know people in this program knew that they would be doing a copious amount of research. This is why I don’t understand why this is occurring, and it’s occurring frequently. I’m about to blow my top. I really don’t know what to do. I’m trying really hard to be respectful, and remain inside the ethical guidelines in an academic setting. Maybe I’ll count to ten and say woosaa  every time I have to deal with the lazy twits in this setting. I have 4 more weeks of this class with these people. The program is a cohort, which means I will see them again. This also means that I’ll be blogging a lot more often too. This is the only place I could get my thoughts out of my head without getting into trouble.


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