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40 Bags in 40 Days

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Sounds like something I should do. I have a store room full of crap. Lol

The Amazing Shrinking Woman

Have you heard of “40 Bags in 40 Days”? My mom told me about it, there are a couple facebook pages dedicated to it and I’m sure if I bothered to google it I would find plenty on it. Rather than google I am going on what my mom told me, she’s better than google. 🙂

40 bags

Basically, the goal is to remove 40 bags of stuff from your house in 40 days. It ties in with Lent which is where the 40 days comes from, in case you were wondering. Now, within these 40 bags you are not including your normal garbage and recycling, and it is not necessarily 40 bags of extra garbage. The bags can be filled with items you are selling at a garage sale, or donating somewhere, or…um…that’s all I can think of right now lol As long as the items are leaving your place and…

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