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Random thoughts 10 – 27 – 2015

I didn’t want to flood my Facebook with a million random post…so!

Where is the logic in continuing to have children when you can’t take care of the ones you already have?

Why continue to have sex with a man or woman you supposedly hate?

Will I be able to survive a low carb life style change?

Oh, I wonder if Bubby knows were getting a pup, and I’m naming him Gideon? Hehehe

After all these years I still can’t be in the same room with my female siblings.

Mami keeps pitching Texas to me, like I ever want to live in the same space with her, ever again. Psshh! #FuckNo

Why is it that the one individual who says they are not fucking with you, always finds a way to be in your space?

Apparently, I’m in the wrong business because being on YouTube is the shit, and random people are making big bucks from it.

I’d really like to do Nanowrimo this year, but…..We will see!

The institution of marriage has gone to hell in a hand basket. In the last week I’ve read about five divorces. Just go and be single whores. Those who have children together, just co parent, and call it a damn day.


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