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Academic Ramblings Pt. 3….

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I hate this class and this professor with a passion. If I didn’t need this class to graduate, I’d drop it. I’m so sick of stupid people, who have not a clue about how to write, or write in APA format. Who in the hell uses WebMd as a source for a research paper on sleep disorders? This woman became hostile when approached about the content. Who in the hell does that? It’s a freaking research paper. This professor thought it was cute to pull me and my research partner apart. Now I’m stuck with a group of unproductive idiots who don’t know a psychotropic drug from pain medicine. It’s the home stretch. I’ve got three classes to go, and ready to choke someone. I’m so freaking mad. Calgon take me away to a tropical island with calming music and good liquor.


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