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Sleep technicians are full of shit….

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It’s bad enough I have issues with Sleep, but waiting around for sleep technicians to come and bring me gear is insane. I’m annoyed to the 10th power. They were supposed to be here hours ago. If I had to wait all freaking day, I would have scheduled disappointment for next week sometime. I could have  spent the day with my god babies. I thought UPS and FedEx were bad, boy was I wrong. I called this place to see what happened. They told me the sleep technician called me and left a voice message. That’s funny as hell: I don’t have a voice message on either one of my phones. Why tell lies? I could have been somewhere else doing something else with my time. I hate waiting around for people. If this place wasn’t all the way in Bensenville, I would have went to get my gear my damn self, instead of waiting around for dumbasses to do what they’re supposed to do. I swear if it’s not one thing it’s another.


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