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I’m Getting Tired….

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It’s getting harder for me to keep friendships alive. This is unfortunate because here I feel like my friends are my family. There is that thin line you don’t cross, though. Taking advantage of your friends, because you know that they don’t have too much family they talk to. There’s a whole bunch of people on both my mom and dad’s side of the family, I just don’t fool with. At this point with certain people, I’m starting to feel some kind of way.

It’s little things that you don’t notice at first. As the years go by you realize people aren’t really who you thought they were. Then you have those individuals who change because of the people that come around them. It’s annoying, and I’ve gotten to old to be trying to mend the fences, and figure out shit with people who either act like childish teenagers or selfish individuals.

I’m tired, and once this finally blows up. The aftermath won’t be pretty.


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