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Thinking About Personality Traits….

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I looked in the mirror this morning, as I was brushing my teeth I made some decisions. I won’t elaborate on the decisions I made, yet, but my current research has me wondering about people, and if their personalities are part of the reason they behave the way they do.

My professor wants to know if personality traits are inherited or if a person develops their personality traits on their own. I personally believe that they are inherited.

At some point, we act or behave the same way our parents do. I think it depends on the genetic makeup of the parents. There are also many things that play a role in this, like environment.

The week is ending and it’s almost time to wrap this project up. It may take a while because we lost some classmates who couldn’t handle the workload. I think they should have stuck it out. These classes are expensive, and they can’t avoid this one. It’s required in order to graduate.

It’s too late to turn back now. All I know is the least I can get is a B. I need to stop worrying about other shit, trivial shit and focus my attention on this class. We only have two weeks left. There’s only three of us left, in the group, and I’m ready ti get this over with, and move on to the next project.

Well, at least, all the lazy asses were the ones who dropped the class.

Good morning.


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